April 24, 2024 Razesty

Gallows Hill Explore

written by Ninkano

SW to 100% Explore Gallows Hill – By Ninkano

run 2n

op n

run nd

op w


run euse4n2w2nes2esen

op e


op n

run nswnww3uw2ewd2w4e2w2dnwn2esw2n

kill william for the key, then open the door at north and go n.

This room (Entering the fog) have 2 random exits, one of them leaves to room The forest gate and another leaves to In the thick fog.  Go to the room In the thick fog. From this room you got 6 exits, 5 of them leaves to last 5 rooms to be explored (another dead end,  a dead end, the ravine, in the thick fog, on top of a hill) all PK rooms. The last exits leaves to room Entering the fog and you can back to the area.

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