To be a productive member of any epic group you should have at least 20k HP (some require more), party heal, and incomplete heal. You should also have cure blind, aim, and retreat.

For Icefall 1 you need 5k mana. Icefall 2 10k mana.

Each epic is different, but general rules apply to every single one:

  1. You will die. A lot. Don’t talk about it. Don’t whine or complain. No one wants to hear it.
  2. When you die, go back to the area immediately. Don’t sit around healing in your manor or clanhall, if you’re not ready for a “join late” or “last call” of some sort, you WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. Heal once you’re back in the area but don’t spam yourself out.
  3. If you die right before we finish and we call for “everyone here” at that point, please let us know you’re on the way. A quick “BRT” before you start the speedwalk to oc/icefall/inferno/etc is great because then we know you’re active at the keys and otw.
  4. Check the following settings for all raids/epics:
    • Autoloot is on
    • Autosac is off
    • Wimpy is zero
    • Battlespam off
    • Groupspam off
    • Nospam on (spamreduce)
    • Go Neutral (unless ppal/strong align class)
  1. Turn off all reminders/repop/gquest/etc notifiers that go to gtell.
  2. Minimize spam, turn off unnecessary channels etc.
  3. “damage 2” or “damage 6” are good for minimizing attack spam.
  4. Stock up on mana potions, heal pots, extreme pills (Icefall), banish/disen staves (winds).
  5. Bring a shield! Any shield will do, you may not need it but it’s good to have.
  6. Do not follow self, you should be following the leader the entire time. If leader needs you to follow self, they will direct you.
  7. Do keep chatter on gt TO A MINIMUM. Epic group is not actually a social hour as many might think.

If you have a question that’s fine, but please do not expect the epic leader to answer questions during a run. They try their best sometimes, but they are also leading the group, so questions are a distraction.

Ask someone you know who is in the run via tells for a quick response. If you don’t think they know the right answer, you can always note the leader after the run.

The exception to this rule is “What do I do?” and “How do I get back to you?”

*** Participating questions are encouraged! ***

Check out Kelaire’s scripts here. He’s got some good ones for epics, including one showing a small box with status for autoassist, autosac, autoloot, and PK.


Please do NOT ask an epic leader what time the epic starts. I get this question all the time and I’ve just stopped responding because there is only so many times I can say “read the epic board” without sounding like a broken record. It’s one thing if we’re 5 minutes past the start time and there is an issue delaying us, but asking before is just annoying.

NOTE: object counters no longer exist. Turn them in! Ask Shaelynne or another leader if you have questions.

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