written by Shaelynne


You can not move through the epic without 10k mana.

R7 w/20k+ HP/Mana, Incomplete Heal, Party Heal, Aim, Retreat, Cure Blind* Leader discretion

Icefall 2:

Shade: West Prize Room: unlock ceiling, up Damp, Reverse, Pheal Autoass OFF 90% – Zeros. 80% – Puppets. 70% – Zeros/dragons. 60% – Zeros/dragons. NO-CAST. 50% – Puppets. Use this wave to get everyone healed up before the hero. 40% – Single hero. Make sure it is reversed, then damp/blast it. 30% – Puppets. 20% – Ink dragons, NO-CAST – STAY OFF SHADE Regroup now, Pheal Up, Call for someone to “Hoist Shade” 10% – Double hero Kill Shade & Get Ornate Brass Key Check for stragglers, all in room Leader Command: NOD Finish Command: POP BALLOON Token: Shade’s Emblem

Snowman King: East Prize Room Unlock Freezer, Down Autoass and IF Weapons Damp, Reverse, Pheal ORDER: Left Right Torso Head Check for stragglers, all in room Leader Command: NOD Finish Command: SKIN RABBIT

Fragments: 1 North of Orbury Leader Command: Open Safe, Get All Safe (will NOT open if people are in shade/snow rooms) Repromote Call for 1st Timers to STAY for the goal South Leader Command: unmask orbury Assign: tank, backup tank, and blockers Stand, Blockers follow self Leader Command: be a hero All: energize bomb (10k mana)

Left Eye (IF Weapon) Tongue (IF Weapon) Waves (Aard Weapons for Frags)

Trans to Orbury when Finished Cutscene Mystic appears Leader Command: stand, listen mystic Check for stragglers, all in room Leader Command: nod All: convert fragment

Final Boss: South to Orbury Repromote Shield, Sanc, Aard weapons, Autoassist ON Restock pills! Leader Command: challenge the legend All: infiltrate

Stage One: Pacman Spam Kill Egg All barriers clear, go to Center Leader Command: lash orbury Eat Pills (no pheal) ~ 45 seconds Lever Window @ Center: Type: Pull Lever & type infiltrate to rejoin Quaff mana and pheal

Stage Two: Statues & Rockets Platforms: 2n/2e/2s/2s from Center Commands: vcw/vccw/hcw/hccw Face back towards OrRuby/Center Room

Pushers announce where Statues Spawn

Coordinate Pushers Push statues OFF platform when necessary to fix direction of opposite statue Statues in Place and Facing Forward Move Group Away / If you run out of time, Move group away Lever window – another one minute

Stage Three: Bosses In Order: N W E S Retreat when Low, Reverse, Damp Kill brats at the Same Time / South is No Cast until the Guardian dies, Eat Pills .

YrelQath in south spawns crystals with colors. White = NO SMASH Cyan, Magenta, Yellow = SMASH THE SAME (“smash cyan”) smash constituent colors (i.e. the 2 colors which make up the color shown) All bosses dead, go to OrRuby Damp, Reverse, Hit, Pheal

Lever window – another one minute, same as the second window where infiltrators spawn 2s.

Stage 4: OrRuby & Ruby Heroes S Run: Blast OrRuby as fast as possible to finish him off

Blades: Damage OrRuby until Heroes Spawn (Finish for S Run)

    • ideally damage OrRuby down 5% at this point**

After about 1 minute, 4 Heroes Spawn: 1 Hero in Each Corner & walk to Center Wear Drain Insulator / Damp Rev Blast Pheal Collect Ruby Blade If Heroes reach Center, will Assist OrRuby **if things look bad, blast OrRuby**

All: regroup 3 minutes to complete, at 1 minute mark: Leader command: Nod Leader command: Begin All: pull lever

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