West Prize Room: unlock ceiling, up Damp, Reverse, Pheal Autoass OFF

90% – Zeros
80% – Puppets
70% – Zeros/dragons
60% – Zeros/dragons. NO-CAST
50% – Puppets – Use this wave to get everyone healed up before the hero
40% – Single hero – Make sure it is reversed, then damp/blast it
30% – Puppets
20% – Ink dragons, NO-CAST – STAY OFF SHADE Regroup now, Pheal Up, Call for someone to “Hoist Shade”
10% – Double hero Kill Shade

Get Ornate Brass Key
Check for stragglers
all in room

Leader Command: NOD
Finish Command: POP BALLOON
Token: Shade’s Emblem

Snowman King

East Prize Room
Unlock Freezer, Down Autoass and IF Weapons Damp, Reverse, Pheal
ORDER: Left Right Torso Head
Check for stragglers
all in room

Leader Command: NOD
Finish Command: SKIN RABBIT


1 North of Orbury
Leader Command: Open Safe, Get All Safe (will NOT open if people are in shade/snow rooms)
Repromote Call for 1st Timers to STAY for the goal

Leader Command: unmask orbury
Assign: tank, backup tank, and blockers
Stand, Blockers follow self
Leader Command: be a hero

All: energize bomb (10k mana)

Left Eye (IF Weapon) Tongue (IF Weapon) Waves (Aard Weapons for Frags)

Trans to Orbury when Finished Cutscene Mystic appears
Leader Command: stand, listen mystic
Check for stragglers
all in room

Leader Command: nod
All: convert fragment

Final Boss

South to Orbury
Shield, Sanc, Aard weapons, Autoassist ON Restock pills!
Leader Command: challenge the legend

All: infiltrate

Stage One:

Pacman Spam Kill Egg All barriers clear, go to Center
Leader Command: lash orbury
Eat Pills (no pheal)
~ 45 seconds Lever Window @ Center: Type: Pull Lever
type infiltrate to rejoin
Quaff mana and pheal

Stage Two:

Statues & Rockets Platforms: 2n/2e/2s/2s from Center

Commands: vcw/vccw/hcw/hccw
Face back towards OrRuby/Center Room
Pushers announce where Statues Spawn
Coordinate Pushers
Push statues OFF platform when necessary to fix direction of opposite statue
Statues in Place and Facing Forward
Move Group Away
If you run out of time, Move group away
Lever window – another one minute

Stage Three:

Bosses In Order: N W E S
Retreat when Low, Reverse, Damp Kill brats at the Same Time
South is No Cast until the Guardian dies
Eat Pills

YrelQath in south spawns crystals with colors.
White = NO SMASH
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow = SMASH THE SAME (“smash cyan”)
smash constituent colors (i.e. the 2 colors which make up the color shown)

All bosses dead, go to OrRuby Damp, Reverse, Hit, Pheal

Lever window – another one minute, same as the second window where infiltrators spawn 2s.

Stage 4:

OrRuby & Ruby Heroes
S Run: Blast OrRuby as fast as possible to finish him off

Blades: Damage OrRuby until Heroes Spawn (Finish for S Run)
ideally damage OrRuby down 5% at this point**

After about 1 minute, 4 Heroes Spawn: 1 Hero in Each Corner
walk to Center
Wear Drain Insulator / Damp Rev
Blast Pheal Collect Ruby Blade
If Heroes reach Center, will Assist OrRuby
**if things look bad, blast OrRuby**

All: regroup 3 minutes to complete
at 1 minute mark:
Leader command: Nod Leader
command: Begin
All: pull lever


  1. Read the Epic Newbie Guide
  2. 10k mana
  3. Recommended 20k+ HP/Mana
  4. Incomplete Heal, Party Heal, Aim, Retreat, Cure Blind



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