Stats – 201, 20k hp, pheal and incomplete heal (may vary depending on leader)

** Inferno is one of the more difficult epics. It’s expected for you to be R7 Superhero with a decent amount of HP and stats with the ability to incomplete heal, party heal, cure blind, retreat, aim. Leader discretion on anyone who is not R7 Superhero or missing these skills.

For general EPIC information, please see the EpicNewbieGuide.

Average runtime: 1 Hour, can easily turn into 1.5 if people don’t pay attention

Average group size: 25+

Chance of death: over and over again Do not tell the group you died. Spam needs to be kept to a minimum, and telling everyone in the group you died is just a waste of time. We can all see that you died through info messages or other means. Go back to Alai and await patiently. Do not tell people you are waiting. When enough people have died and returned to Alai (3) you will be automatically transferred back to the section we are in. If the epic leader decides they need people now, they will send people to get you.

Stay OUT of the area until the epic leader takes you into the area to start the run.

Going into the area prior to the run start can delay the run.

Wait at the door mob, which will be put in the group name once set.

What if the thought of dying makes me wet myself? Stay home cupcake. <– THIS. do not bitch about dying on epics!


  1. Go Neutral (unless strong aligned class such as ppal)
  2. Stock up on heal pots and some mana pots, but have inventory space
  3. Auto assist on (majority of the time, leader will tell you when to turn it off)
  4. Auto sac off, auto loot on (if you don’t have inventory space, make some!)
  5. Remove all spam triggers from group
  6. Scribe triple or double incomplete heals. If we don’t have these, the run will be delayed or canceled. Help the group, scribe scrolls.


  1. do NOT walk across the bridge alone. Do not walk across the bridge period. If you do this will delay the run.
  2. Stay out of the area entirely until a leader has you collect medals. Once medals are on, you will never walk past Alai.
  3. When you die, you were door into the area, and walk down to alaia (run es2desw3d) and stay there.
  4. Wait for 2 friends and you will transfer to the tunnel that leads into the battlefield. Walk south and down until you enter battlefield, then use the ascii map to locate the group and walk to us. Be aware of mobs that will attack you. If you die and the group is in Orbs, Split, or Death you will be transferred to that section. Pay attention. Only move if you know it’s safe to do so.

The leader will collect group and move you, do not walk on your own unless you have died and are returning to the group


  1. During the battlefield phase they must be worn to prevent Orc Trooopers from appearing and killing everyone.
  2. They must be worn at the end of the run to get the reward.
  3. Don’t complete any commands until leader announces directions. This is timed. Moving ahead of the leader could result in locked bridge + time delay.


  1. You rescue and pheal and damp/dispel mobs
  2. Rescue. Pheal. Dispel. Repeat.
  3. Do not afk and stay with the group. If you do this and cause an issue, this could set us back 20-45 minutes. Tell the leader you need to afk a few minutes and RECALL out of the area.
  4. Afking that leads to run delays will result in you being kicked out of the group. Don’t be an asshole.

Runes + Orbs


NOTE: AUTO ASSIST OFF. Failing to do so and killing an orb can result in a 30-45 minute delay.

  1. Auto Assist must be off – this can cause a 45 minute delay. Don’t be an auto asshole. Turn it off immediately.
  2. There are 4 roles here:
    1. Pushers (these people have max stats for pushing and move the orb into the spot called by the leader. All directions are from the center room where the group is at. If the leader says “blue s2e” it means you push the orb south, east, east. Always push the order the leader calls to avoid putting two orbs in one room. That’s very bad!
    2. Tanks (these are the people who can handle a beating. If a leader calls “blue s2e” we need a tank to move ahead of the pusher, tanking the room so the pusher can push the orb in the right spot. Then return to center room and ask for inco/heal
    3. Everyone Else (the rest of the group stays in the center room and will MANUALLY engage each mob as aims are called. The caller will always call mobs in group. Be careful to NOT kill orb and only kill mobs called.
    4. Leader (typically the leader is the one calling orbs. Sometimes someone else is assigned.


NOTE: DO NOT AOE. DO NOT ENGAGE THE MOB IN THE CENTER ROOM. This can result in a 30-45 minute delay.

  1. There will be bosses in 5 rooms. North, South, Up, Down, and Center. We must evenly split between these rooms. South is melee only.
  2. A south group will be assigned. Do not move south until the leader gives those directions.
  3. North Up Down will move into their positions and wait there.
  4. Leader will send south group and shortly after the mobs will spawn.
  5. Once your room is clear, make sure someone SITS before going to help other rooms. If a room clears (no one sitting in that room) then all rooms reset and we wipe out. We have to repeat this section.


  1. This section starts in a room called Chilly Spring. DO NOT MOVE UNTIL TOLD.
  2. The epic leader will designate sacrifices (west, south, east) and tank/backup tank.
    1. SACS will need to walk into their designated room, will be forced to sit down by the program, and will need to quaff pots. Do not die. If you are running low on HP, tell the group ASAP. If you die, we wipe and start over. Remove all scripts/triggers that would force you to stand up. Don’t move until leader says “SACS GO”
  3. Scrolls will be dropped in Death’s room. Only pick up a few and do not waste them. They are for the tank only and to be used towards the end when pheals can not keep up with the damage.
  4. Sacrifices West and South can quaff pots, but East can not – the leader will watch East Sacrifice’s health and they will announce when someone needs to heal them. This is arranged in advance.
  5. Upon epic leader command, sacs will go first, once those are in place, “all go” will be issued. DO NOT MOVE UNTIL “ALL GO”
    1. upon “ALL GO” command, this means everyone (who isn’t a sac) should walk EAST out of the Chilly Spring room and then use exits to leave the room. You should be standing in Death’s room and phealing.
  6. If you die, quickly return to Alai to help transfer groups back in and heal up to about 20% and then move back to Death’s room and pheal.
  7. You must quickly move east, and then check the room exits, move again out of the room.
  8. You will be in the center room with Death. At this point your job is to PAY ATTENTION. When the leader calls “aim XYZ” then you need to aim that. The whole point is to get off Death very quickly or double waves will spawn resulting in a failure. When waves are clear, engage Death and pheal.
  9. Flee off Death if needed, then return immediately to pheal in the room.
  10. Do not afk in any room – if you are not actively participating this is a big issue and may result in a failure.
  11. Upon death, the person who got the killing blow will receive a Seal. Give seal to epic leader and the tank will promote. Once all people are in the room the epic leader will move to completion room.
  12. Final command is to wear medal, hold lodestone (you will get one if you don’t have one) and bow bura.


these portals are relatively rare because we only run twice a week at best (every 4ish days it pops) and we need all 5 seals to create a portal. Shaelynne does keep a portal list. You can send your name to Shaelynne to get on the portal lisit, just realize you might be waiting over a year (or more)


  • Rank 1: 00 – 09
  • Rank 2: 10 – 34
  • Rank 3: 35 – 74
  • Rank 4: 75 – 130
  • Rank 5: >130

The higher the rank, the higher the probability of loading rank rewards.

Inferno Portal: Epic leader keeps seals for Inferno portal. If you want a portal, give your name to the current leader (Shaelynne) and she’ll add you to the list. Once there is a portal available and your name is called she’ll notify you. Please note, this is not a quick get portal.


This goal is almost automatic. There are 2 steps that you must do beside be together with the party during the entire run:

· Type ASK at Alai to open the goal (before the beginning of the battlefield;

· Type NOD KAARE. Notify leader at the START of the run that you need to Nod Kaare.

NOTE: Aardmush Script A small box displays your status for Auto: Assist, Sac, Loot, and PK. Please check it out!

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