I will be kind to the weak

The Emerald Knights

Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are


Long ago the world was full of Chaos and Anarchy. There was no place in which a person could be truly safe. With war raging everywhere a group of knights banded together and sought refuge in a large Emerald fortress which they constructed. The knights held tight in this fortress for centuries, happy and content with their secluded lifestyle. But as ages and leaders passed by, the stories of old did not. Bards sung of the old days and the adventures of the founding knights of Emerald. A new age dawned on the knights, an age where its’ members wished to once again venture from the fortress and regain what was once theirs. The drawbridge to the fortress lowered and the knights knew that Emeralds honor and integrity would not falter, but they were prepared to do whatever was necessary to reclaim the lands rightfully theirs.

The Emerald Clan is a clan dedicated to helping its own before all else. They believe in protecting each other at all costs. There are no race/class/align restrictions but you must be willing to help others on the mud, and especially your fellow clan members.

On July 19th, 2014, The Emerald Knights and the Disciples of Hassan (DoH) came to an agreement to combine their forces and merge into one clan.

On September 13th, 2020, The Emerald Knights and the The Order of the White Dragon -=*)Dragon(*=- came to an agreement to combine their forces and merge into one clan.

If you are interested in joining, please take the time to carefully read help Emerald Knights (on Aardwolf MUD), Honor Code and How To Join.

Who We Are

KoR – Knights of the Realm

KoR members are the information gatherers and explorers of Athena. They will explore the realm and report their findings back to the Emerald Knights. They discover new speedwalks, construct maps, locate rare equipment, find the weaknesses of their enemies, and uncover the secrets of Aardwolf.

KaS – Knights of Athena’s Sword

These highly trained individuals are skilled in every type of battle form. They protect us and our allies from evil. They will always will lend a helping hand to the weak.

KoF – Knights of Fellowship

The Knights of Fellowship have a hard task at hand. They have to insure the stability of our clan life and smooth over any problems that may arise. They also take the time to organize fun events and contests for people to participate in.

Honor Code


  • I will be kind to the weak.
  • I will be brave against the strong.
  • I will fight for those who do wrong.
  • I will fight for those who cannot fight.
  • I will help those who call on me for help.
  • I will help my fellow Knights.
  • I will be true and honest.
  • I will be faithful to my clan and its members.
Honor Code
Knights Guide


Knights Guide

Trigger Abuse/Mud Rules Violations

The Immortals of Aardwolf have ruled that triggers are your own responsibility. However, it is illegal to deliberately take advantage of another players trigger(s) and, as such, is an outcastable offense.

Any other violation of mud rules (see “help rules” and related/ referenced helps) is also an outcastable offense.

Clan Etiquette

All members of the Emerald Knights are expected to follow certain rules of clan etiquette and mud etiquette.

We are a community of players and per our Honor Code, we Help Our Fellow Knights. This particular line in the honor code is important to remember, but it’s also important to know that we are people with our own personal desires and goals.

The honor code means we will assist each other as best we can, but it does not mean we drop everything to help you. You are a capable player and are able to figure things out on your own may it be locating a mob, leveling up, or maxing out stats.

We encourage our members to help each other as best we can. This does not mean we all have to level and pup together all the time. This does not mean you are automatically inviteld to groups for leveling, dragging, or pupping. We are adults who choose to play a text based video game, which means we will treat each other with respect and kindness, but does not necessarily mean we will automatically play the same way.

The golden rule of the Emerald Knights is we do not dictate how you choose to play and there are many ways to play.

Important: Just because someone does not want to drag/group you does not mean it’s meant as an insult. We are all grown adults here and this is a game.

Clan Communication/Notes

Many times when people want to suggest an idea, they will use the Personal board to write a note to the leaders of Emerald, or the entire clan. Whenever there are clan upgrades, they will also be posted on the Personal board. Important mud information is posted by the Imms on Announce and Mudinfo boards. Therefore it is required of all members to read all notes on the Personal, Announce, and Mudinfo boards on a regular basis. Type “board personal” and then just type “note” to read each note in turn. You might also want to take a look at “help board” and “help notes” for more information on notes in general.

Outcast for Cause

Members may be outcast for cause on leader majority vote for any outcastable offense.

Inactivity Timeout Outcasting

If you are still in your 90-days of probation and you become inactive you may be outcasted. Outcast is decided upon by the leaders of the Emerald Knights.

Taxes / Donations

Check our tax rate by typing claninfo Emerald. That percentage will be deducted from all gold received from looting mobs, auctioning items, selling items to shops, or getting gold off the ground or from containers. Those proceeds are directed to the clan account balance, and are tracked on your whois.

Note!!! Always type acc to see how much gold you have before meeting the buyer, and again after receiving payment and before handing over the token. Dishonest players have used emotes to falsify payment. Should this happen to you, contact an Imm immediately.

Player Killing (PK)

Once you join the clan, any member of another clan that is at neutral or lower status (see “clanallies”) may attempt to PK you in any PK room on the MUD (“help pk”). This is a part of clan life and should be accepted. Just be on your toes. Whatever you do, if you get attacked or killed in a PK fight, please do not get mad or take it personally. The worst that will happen is you lose some time or a spellup; it is not a huge deal. If the person is reasonably within your fighting range, you may attempt revenge (“help revenge”). If not, let more experienced members of EK, allied, and friendly clans know who did it, and we will try to exact some measure of revenge for you.

The clan might also be at war at times, which means that a member can PK or be PKed by the clan members we’re at war with in any place on the mud and not only in PK rooms (open PK). Check with clanallies command and “who [clan name]” to see if there are characters from the clan at war in your PK range and remember to beware of them (or hunt them).

The Raiding board is recommended reading for all members. There is a lot of information passed there about PK, raiding, and defending.

Raiding and PK With Other Clans

Read “help raiding” and related helps.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never use the “invade” command unless you are a powered-up superhero. Raidable clans have defenses strong enough to swat anyone else like a gnat, and should never be invaded by lower level members. Raiding parties need members to serve in other capacities, so you might still be able to participate.

Good tips on raiding:

  • Raiding board

Clan Defense

With the clan alliance system, the clan might have allies at our side who can come and help defend the clan hall if we are raided. Notice them and treat them respectfully. Use the clanallies command to find our allied clan at the time.

Equipment Belonging to Other Clans

You are free to wear the equipment of any clan except fhose we are allied to. See clanall emerald. You are encouraged to return allied raided equipment to the clan it belongs to.

Equipment Belonging to The Emerald Knights



Donating Quest Points

QP donations are discouraged. It is much more profitable to buy a tp from Questor (quest buy trivia), sell the tp (help tpspend), and donate the gold. QPs in the clan account equate to only 5000 gold each. Do the math.

How to Join


Make sure you have more than ALL the basic requirements:

1,000 total levels (~ T0 R5 200).
20,000 quest points earned.
Must not apply to any other clan while your application is being processed.
Must not be clanned to any other clan while your application is being processed. (Boot is an exception to this rule)
Must have access to Internet in order to register (and participate) to our clan website and forum.
Must read and understand all of the following without the need to refer back to the site:
– Knights Guide
– On Aardwolf, read “help rules” and all related/referenced helps. These cover the most important mud rules.

Post a note on the Personal board to Emerald with the subject line Application. This note must:

Tell us a little about who you are in Real Life.
Describe how you like to play the game and plan to develop your character.
Tell us why you would like to join Emerald.
State that you have not applied to any other clan at this time.
State any alts that you might have.
Describe any history you have with Aardwolf if this is not your first time playing.
Give the details of your stats compared to the basic requirements to join (see above).
We are expecting a text of about 200+ words.

A clan leader will respond to your note with any questions/concerns.

If your application is accepted, you will be noted with the details of the application procedure.

An applicant who fails an interview or is otherwise found unsatisfactory must wait 30 days to reapply, with the possibility of a leader veto on reapplication (permanent ban).

How to Join

Like what you see? Check out How to Join for more information!